About Us

Jen Feeny

Jen Feeny is the creator of Pep In You Step Wellness. She launched this website from a passion to delivering the right healing tools to busy professionals who seek to heal their body, mind and soul inside out.

Jen is a holistic health coach from the Institute of Integration, Reiki II practitioner and Access Consciousness Bars certified. She has always been passionate about health and wellness, with a nose in the books learning something new. In her own health journey, she has learned to overcome digestive issues (leaky gut, candida, parasites), headaches and adrenal fatigue (from stress).

In her work, she integrates whole food nutrition, self-care and alternative healing to help clients get on their path to wellness.

As a mom of two small kids and entrepreneur, she knows what it’s all about the challenges of balancing a busy schedule. Her mission to help busy professionals & moms who are ready to take charge of their health & healing. To start doing things today that will provide a healed body tomorrow.


Honourary mention: Many of the programs & giveaways on this site are courtesy of Anne Stone, creator of Wild Alive Wellness. She was also very passionate about helping people learn to heal their gut and do deep healing work for pain. In March 2017, Anne passed away from ovarian cancer leaving behind her legacy of these online programs & her sister website thrivingonplants.com.

I worked with Anne (doing marketing/website updates) for over 1.5 years and developed a really lovely relationship. Up until her last week, she was diligently working to create blog content, social posts and emails for ThrivingonPlants. She was a woman of much passion & love for what she did. She would want you to soak up all the resources you can on taking time for self-care, love and filling your body with the good stuff. It’s so important to pay attention to these things. Much love to you Anne xoxo

I believe God has a very interesting way of working in our lives. Anne always used to sign her emails off with Coach AJ. I never asked her why she did that. I assume her middle name must have been Jane or something. But as I was just working on setting up a new email for myself, I noticed that Coach AJ could have also been Anne & Jen. Receiving coaching from us both when receiving any of the programs on this site. So much power and synchronicity here at the hands of God. Amen.