We are our own worst enemies when it comes to our bodies. There is also something that we wish we could change. Whether it is our breast size, body shape, hair texture or eye colour. How freeing does it feel to accept your body as it is right now, without judgement and expectation.

I love this great inspirational video to help us realize sometimes we can’t change what is but we can change our minds about it

Others can tell us how great we look but we have to believe it ourselves. Loving our body starts with giving thanks for what we have. Changing the thoughts we have about our body won’t change overnight but we can start changing our judgmental thoughts today.

Here is a great mantra to say to yourself when you start to get into negative town about your body

“I accept my body as it is right now, without judgements. I do not see my body as good or bad, just is. I am not alone in having this _______ (breast size, skin colour, hip size etc)”

After my pregnancy, my body definitely went through some changes. Rather than dwell on what I did look like, I rather focus my energy on gratitude for a great pregnancy, great delivery and beautiful baby. I found the more I obsessed with what was, the more unhappy I became with what is. I may not have the same assets as I did before but I have a great baby and healthy body. I couldn’t ask for more.

I challenge you to offer your body praise and thanks for all that is great about it.