for Bottoms UpI know you hear this many times but I will remind you again about our perfect beverage – WATER!  Most people do not drink enough water at all.  Your often hear suggestions to drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day.  That is good but this is not what the strategy suggested here.  You will be using water in a different way– one that can really help with your overall health and with weight loss.

When I suggest this to my clients, they first have a hard time seeing how it could possible make a difference. However, given how well it works for so many who have tried it, I typically share it with all my clients at some point during our work together.

First thing in the morning – before eat anything or brush you teeth – drink at least 2 cups of water – and ideally as much as a quart of pure water.  A quart is 32 ounces (or four 8-ounce glasses).  Aim for FOUR 8-ounce glasses of water.   If you like, you may add some fresh squeezed lemon. Your water can be warm or room temperature but please not too cold. You will refrain from eating or drinking anything BEFORE and for one hour AFTER your morning water.  Filtered or spring water is suggested.  If this seems like a lot, you can start with 2 glasses and work up to 4 glasses.  Soon you will enjoy your morning water. You’ll just be delaying breakfast for an hour.

With this morning water, you will be helping your body flush out unwanted toxins which will help you also wash away fat.  I know it sounds a bit silly (and unscientific) but I can tell you from personal use and from the experience of many clients – it can work wonders.

There is a very interesting book by a medical doctor named Dr. Batmanghelidj called “Your Body’s May Cries for Water”.  He did extensive research into the role of water in the body and believes that chronic dehydration to be the cause of many health challenges.  His “water cure” resulted in improvement in many conditions in his patients along with significant weight loss.

I know that it is very hard to believe that drinking water in the morning can do so much for your health. All I can say is try it for 2 weeks.

During the day, you should also drink some additional water between meals, if possible.  We suggest minimizing the liquids you drink with meals as this dilutes your digestive enzymes.  And it is a good idea to cut back on the amount of coffee and tea you drink and these can be dehydrating – kind of the opposite of what you are doing with your morning water.
Even if you can’t do this every day, try your best to do it at least 5 times each week.  The value of pure water for your health can often be overlooked. After a few weeks, your morning water will become a new habit and you will be amazing at what this will do for your skin, your internal organs, your sleep, and waistline.