What do you do to start your week off right? Some are motivated monday morning by taking a brisk walk around the block, saying a few prayers, or calling up a loved one in the morning just to say hello.

Make a decision each day that it is going to be positive, you are going to learn something and grow. “Have a great week unless you choose otherwise.” – this quote is one of many inspirational quotes from the Monday Morning Motivator e-newletter by AdamAdGroup.com.

Finding Your Purpose in Life

This e-newsletter shares inspirational stories and messages to get what you want out of life. Last week’s message was especially empowering because it spoke about finding your purpose in life. John Maxwell – best selling author and leadership trainer – says “there are two great days in life – the day you are born and the day you discover why. Highly successful people have discovered why.”

According to John, there are two ways to discover your purpose:

    1. Passion
    2. Strength Zone

A person with passion always has energy because they are doing what they love. Passionate people love the journey as much as the destination and are determined to reach their goals. Although, some people are very passionate about something that they will never be good at. John uses American Idol as an example :S. So this leads to entering your strength zone. “Everyone has a uniqueness about them that, if they discover it, fine-tune it, work hard and grow in it, would set them apart.

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda, by what you and I do – today. It’s not only knowing what you should do; it’s about growing in the area to maximize and highlight things that you do well. We overestimate tomorrow and underestimate today. Everyday you are either trying to fix yesterday or you are living your life preparing for tomorrow and setting up success. Significance is adding value to others.”

Are you jumping out of bed monday morning because you can’t wait to start your day? Are you boasting with joy to share your life plans? Are you paying careful attention to the people and environment around you each day? What have you learned today?