Restore Your Gut Health

Did you know that approximately 75% of your immune system originates from the cells that line your intestinal tract? When these cells – which form the mucosal barrier that lines your gut – become damaged, your immune system suffers and you are exposed to a variety of harmful substances and pathogens which can enter your bloodstream. The result is widespread inflammation that impacts many aspects of your body and overall health. Sometimes known as “leaky gut”, this condition alters your digestion, your ability to absorb nutrients and ward of infection, your mood hormones, and play a role in a host of other chronic health conditions. The good news is that there IS something you can to do heal it!

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The Paleo Program (Grain-Free Eating)

There are quite a few “Paleo” diet popular these days. However, most advocate avoiding all grains while eating lots of animal flesh and fat to achieve a the “ primal diet of our ancestors. While grain free eating can be very helpful for many people with regard to gut health, overloading on unhealthy fats is questionable at best. My paleo program is based on healthier food that tastes great. This is how I eat and thrive. You’ll get all the instructions, background, meal plans, recipes, support, for your transformation!

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Easy Weight Loss (Overcome Emotional Eating)

Get REAL results with REAL food. No gimmick, no fads, no starvation. Eat well, kill sugar cravings, and trim down pronto. You will get daily prompts and instructions throughout this 7-day program to kickstart a new healthy eating lifestyle. Meal plans and recipes, shoppings lists, and a food diary are all provided. No excuses here – just results. Enjoy this journey and find peace with your eating!

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