For the past two weeks or so, all I have heard is “just do it”. I’ve heard it from clients, speakers, books and close friends/family. I have even woke up in the middle of the night to write down “stop thinking about and just do it”. That note is now posted on my fridge.

Every so often we get a boost of inspiration and think “oh it would be great to do this”, “I wish this was possible” or “I would really like to get involved with this”. But only a small percentage of us actually take action on these thoughts. The only worthless ideas are the thoughts that are not acted upon. Everything in being today has been created or thought up by someone.

So what is stopping you from taking action on your thoughts? That would be RESISTANCE. Resistance comes from fear of failure and our ego’s blocking us from our true purpose. I recently read this book “The War of Art” that gave me a total eye opener on resistance. It is supposed to be targeted to creatives but is a must-read for anyone with a mind and life to live.

You know that screeching anxiety you get when you need to make a major decision or any change at all. And the horrified feeling you have when you are about to make a presentation, host a major event or start a new job. Anytime you feel like you are going to hurl with fear, that is what you should be doing (not hurling but doing the action) to get closer to your life’s purpose.

What is something that has been on your mind or you have been putting off? Think about it again and make time to explore it. Forget the excuses and everything will align to make it happen. Go buy or rent “The War of Art”from the library and you will know what you should be doing.